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Breastfeeding Friendly Community Pools

Many young families enjoy our public pools with their children. Some community centres offer swim programs for infants as young as 6 months. Even if an infant isn't 'swimming', they may accompany a parent to the pool with their older siblings. Babies breastfeed often and it is best if they are fed responsively - meaning they are not made to wait, unnecessarily. The BC Human Rights Tribunal supports a mother to breastfeed anytime, anywhere. 

Yet there are ongoing reports in the media (here, and here for example), where mothers have been asked to cover-up or move to the changing room to feed her baby. 

Babies breastfed at the pool side (or even if mom is partially in the water) is not a health risk to the infant or the public. See  our resources from a successfull 2008 Penticton collaboration with the City of Penticton. 

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