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Baby & Breastfeeding Cafe

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Due to Covid-19, the Breastfeeding & Baby Cafe has gone virtual. Go to the Cafe FB page for more info. The Breastfeeding Cafe is a safe and supportive place for nursing mothers and children to come and visit/discuss different breastfeeding questions and information. Just being around other mothers going through the same stages as you is such an immense support! There is a cafe in Penticton and several other Okanagan Communities.

Kelowna Milk Depot

Mother and Newborn

Help us collect milk for BCW's Milk Bank. Milk from a baby's own mother is always the first choice. Donor milk is especially important for sick and tiny babies. 

With this drive we hope to show the importance and need for local milk depots in our Okanagan communities! 

For more information - please contact Lindley Granger by email at or by phone 250-460-2515.

Business Initiative


"It takes a village to raise a child". We know that breastfeeding rates increase in communities where mothers feel supported to breastfeed anytime, anywhere.  We offer businesses and communities support to become 'breastfeeding friendly'.

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