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South Okanagan


IH Public Health Nurses

Public Health Nurses in Princeton, Keremeos, Osoyoos, Oliver, Penticton and Summerland all offer breastfeeding support by phone or in person. In addition, Penticton Health Centre offers a Breastfeeding Clinic staffed by IBCLC's and Breastfeeding Counsellors.

La Leche League

At Group meetings La Leche League Leaders and other mothers share experiences, give suggestions and offer support and encouragement. LLL meetings are ideal for learning from and making friends with other mothers. These meetings provide time for mother-to-mother sharing in a friendly and accepting atmosphere. The informal meetings are attended by expectant, new and experienced mothers and their babies. Most Groups rotate through a series of breastfeeding topics, however every meeting is different and the questions of the attendees are always given top priority.

Penticton Breastfeeding Cafe

The Breastfeeding Cafe is a safe and supportive place for nursing mothers and children to come and visit/discuss different breastfeeding questions and information. Just being around other Mothers going through the same stages as you is such an immense support!
We would love it you and your Babe joined us!

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